About Indotrave Consultants Private Limited

Our team of travel specialists share a passion for creating the most inspiring experiences for every clients. This requires a rare blend of professionalism and knowledge, patience and understanding, and most of all creativity and caring.

We at Indotrave have created a system where each and every customer gets personalize service, At every part your Journey we are there for you and our Staff make sure that everything is delivered as promised. To make our Tours personalized and provide full time services, Will be appointed with a dedicated staf who make sure that you Dream Holiday is delivered till the very end. We do also provide Cell phone with Indian Number to keep in touch with our Staff, To make sure our customers are button away as or when they need assistance. The most important aspect of our Agency is we are clear about what we offer, We don't belive in Sales we belive in make a customers rather than just concentrating on making sale, It is not just selling? It is to deliver, as what you promise.

Travelled around the globe, did my education in U.S.A, has given me the opportunity to understanding the demands and expectation of Fellow travellers, We at Indotrave condut a survery as how to improve our Customer services, Take First hand Reports from our cutomers A feeback form that is cheked by me personally, As We have to make things happen for our customers, We need to be there for them and make sure that no Stone is left unturned to make a Dream holiday for our Customer for our customers.

Our Motto is We make It Happen Me and My staff make sure that We make things happen for our customers, small details like Birthdays Surprise Cakes for our Clients, A memorable tour Certificate at the end of the trip. A Farewell dinner at the end of the trip. A welcome at the airport with our Staff with Marygold flowers with a smile and assisting our customers to their hotels, giving them a briefing about their upcoming tour to India. A Introduction about their upcoming tour with details or providing the Map of each area visiting and some usefull tips are provided, As I personally feel that First day of Arrivals at Indian Airports are the odd time, Customers are Jetleg and just want to be felt comfortable and have someone waiting for them at the airports.

Just to share some recent Questions raised by our Customers before booking the tour are? Will there someone be at the airport on my arrival? How will I find your representative? Can I checkin at the hotel at 0230hrs? And so On? We have the answers, yes we make sure the details are given to our customers before they arrival, Whos is waiting? Cell numbers are provided? 24x7 help line number to make sure we are there to receive the call...

Come and be part of Amazing Holiday and we are here to Make it happen for you.